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A short presentation of Evers Composite.

Evers Composite is a Company, based in Malmö in South of Sweden, within the Allard Group which has a broad spectrum of know-how and experience in the manufacture of non-orthotic composite products to OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer’s). At Evers Composite, we have a unique set up in order to ensure a large degree of production flexibility, thus allowing the seamless transition from piece production to serial production. This flexibility and offering to our customers has been the basis for achieving continued success for this company.  

Although Evers Composite is a relatively young company, through our experienced staff, we have accumulated a wide knowledge base within composite development and production. Our know-how can be seen in the high quality products we make to the exacting standards required for medical products and our dedicated attention to every detail of the manufacturing process.

Within the medical industry we have been recognized for the component parts we produce for X-ray and radiation tables. Our composites have been appreciated for their functionality and finish. Carbon composites are X-ray translucent, strong, and at the same time light weight. These are the key features that are required for these types of products in order to allow proper handling and use by hospital staff.

Radiation table

Evers Composites has a core strength to allow maximum manufacturing flexibility. We know that each customer’s needs are unique and that products and volumes will vary over time. The manufacturing arrangement at Evers Composites allows both production equipment and human resources to engage in either piece or serial production with high levels of efficiency. This seamless flow is highly appreciated by customers and allow us to customize each production run.

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